Alejandro Aguilera

Alejandro Aguilera, born in Cuba in 1964, now lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. He received his education at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, The Higher Institute of Art in Havana, and the School of Art in Holguin, his home town. Although his work has become increasingly abstract in recent years, it retains strong references to his recent memories of Cuba. These references include small flags as well as motifs related to the ocean and to the landscape. Aguilera combines these elements with the swirling imagery of what he describes as "so-called primitive cultures".

Aguilera has exhibited in the United States and internationally, and his work is included in the public collections of the National Museum Palace of Fine Arts in Havana, the Museum of Comtemporary Art in Monterrey, Mexico, The Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and the Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta.



Postgraduate fellowship, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA


MFA, Instituto Superior de Arte (Higher Institute of Art), Havana, Cuba


BFA, Escuela de Arte (School of Art), Holguin, Cuba

Solo Exhibitions


High Museum of Art,"Alejandro Aguilera. About the Modern Spirit", Altanta, GA


SALTWORKS, Black Drawings, Atlanta, GA


SALTWORKS, Aguas, Atlanta, GA


Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, A Brief History of Usage, Miami, FL


Milledgeville College and State University, Forty Yards of Lines, Milledgeville, GA


Ty Stokes Gallery, The Art of Making Art, Atlanta, GA
Gallery Sklo, A.A Recent Work, Atlanta, GA


University of Georgia, A.A. A Decade of Assemblages, Athens, GA


Contemporanea, Coconut-Grove Convention Center, Artesanías del Sur, Miami, FL
Brickell Village Gallery and ALPHA International Galleries, A.A. Obra reciente, Miami, FL
Ramis Barquet Gallery, Objetos de uso, Monterrey, Mexico
Arte Contemporaneo, Dibujos y arabescos, Monterrey, Mexico
Atlanta International Airport Main Gallery, Black Drawings, Atlanta, GA


ALPHA International Galleries, Micaelat, Miami, FL
ALPHA International Galleries, Ornamentos, Miami, FL


Hammonds House, Black Drawings (Craftsmen, Theologians and Buffoons), Atlanta, GA
Florana, Drawings and Accessories, Miami, FL
Mexican Center of Atlanta, A.A. Years in Mexico, Atlanta, GA


T-C, H.S., Projects, Drawings and Shadows, Atlanta, GA
AIRI, A.A. Recent Works, Atlanta, GA


Ambrosino Gallery, Objetos muertos, Miami, FL


Ramis Barquet Gallery, Héroes de uso y otras reliquias, Monterrey, Mexico


Manolo Rivero Gallery, La Colonia, Merida, Mexico


Ramis Barquet Gallery, Los Buenos y los Malos, Monterrey, Mexico


Castle of the Force, Proyecto Castillo de la Fuerza, Havana, Cuba


Gallery L, De los Real-Irreal a lo Irreal-Real, Havana, Cuba


Library of the Higher Institute of Art, A.A., Havana, Cuba

Selected Group Exhibitions


SALTWORKS, Everything In Between, Atlanta, GA


Visual Arts Gallery at Emory University, Pitching, Two-Person show with Radcliffe Bailey, Atlanta, GA


The Dalton Gallery at Agnes Scott College, Traveler, Atlanta, GA


The Columbus Museum, Re-defining Georgia, Columbus, GA



City Gallery East, Belonging-Pertenecer, Atlanta, GA


Jose Alonso Fine Art,New Art Off Cuba, Miami, FL
Jose Alonso Fine Art,Paper-Papel, Miami, FL


Polytechnic University, Movimiento e Inercia, Valencia, Spain
Museum of Contemporary Art, Premio MARCO, Monterrey, Mexico
Atlantic Center of Modern Art,Cuba Siglo XX. Modernidad y Sincretismo, Grand Canaries, Spain
C.F., Primer Festival Internacional de Tattoo, Monterrey, Mexico


Museum of Contemporary Art, Premio MARCO, Monterrey, Mexico
Contemporary Art Center, La isla posible, Barcelona, Spain


Museum of Contemporary Art, Premio MARCO, Monterrey, Mexico


15 Artistas Cubanos, Premio MARCO, Mexico City, Mexico
National Museum Palace of Fine Arts, Colonización y descolonización, Fourth Havana Biennial, Havana, Cuba

Public Collections

High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA
Museum of Contemporary Art, MARCO,Monterrey, Mexico
Peter Ludwing, Aachen Museum, Germany
Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
National Museum Palace of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba
The Columbus Museum, Columbus, Georgia, USA
National Council for the Arts, Havana, Cuba
Hammonds House Galleries, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Ramis Barquet Public Collection, New York, USA
CEMEX, Monterrey, Mexico
Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Art Collection, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Fulton County Arts Council Collection, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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